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Gone, But Not Forgotten


Gone, But Certainly Not Forgotten - At Least, Not Yet
SMOKE SIGNALS MAGAZINE - January - February 2012

If you're reading this column, by now you've probably spent more than a few minutes lamenting, decrying or resenting the permanent effects that indoor smoking bans have had on the way you enjoy female smoking. We know we certainly have.

However, we recently took the thought process a step further. We spent some time thinking back to some of our favorite smoking fetish experiences from the past. And we realized that the younger members of our community - and all of those who will follow us - will never have the opportunity to know so many once-common smoking fetish experiences, which for us defined the fetish in many ways.

Here are some of the ones we came up with. We're sure you can add to the list.

1. Sitting across from a sexy smoker in a bar and beginning a conversation - maybe she's interesting, maybe she's not - but a prolonged conversation in a bar is the best way imagineable to keep her smoking and smoking right in front of you, where you can watch her without looking out of place. If you light her cigarettes for her, chances are that she'll smoke even more.

2. Dinner on a first date with a hot smoker - she sits directly across from you in the restaurant as she smokes cigarette after cigarette, and you have the chance to take a full inventory of her smoking style over several hours. Since you're just getting to know each other, it's also one of the best times to start the conversation where you learn all about her smoking history.

3. Intermissions at "glamorous" events like classical concerts or plays, with sexy women from every age group dressed in their finest clothes, showing off their elegant smoking in theater lobbies. Many seemed fully conscious of the fact that their smoking was, in reality, one more fashion accessory they could show off to an appreciative audience as they sipped their cocktails and entranced their admirers. Smoking in fur, smoking with holders, luxurious and exaggerated french inhales - all were commonplace. Of course, some women still smoke during intermissions of concerts and plays these days, but it's not quite the same standing on a sidewalk with buses and taxis roaring by.

4. Catered dinner functions like weddings, with ashtrays (and once upon a time, loose cigarettes) at every table - and seemingly every woman partaking. Even "non smokers" were tempted to light up after dinner when the cigarettes were right in front of them - leading to some wonderful "let me show you the proper way to do that" moments. They were also one of the best places for elegant mother-daughter or other "family member" sightings.

5. Non-stop college smoking sessions: these ranged from the chain-smoking college coeds doing their homework while smoking non-stop in the cafeteria or coffee shop - to late-night drinking-and-smoking hangout sessions in the dorm, where pack after pack after pack disappeared while world problems and personal problems were dissected over many bottles of wine or beer.

Women smoking at work, girls smoking on trains - there are many other categories we could have included; but we wanted to leave at least a few to your imagination - which is where, sadly, all of these experiences have now been permanently relegated.

Despite ending on a less than happy note - have a Happy New Year, thanks for spending another year with Smoke Signals, and enjoy the January-February issue!

Here and There, Thither and Yon


Here and There, Thither and Yon
SMOKE SIGNALS MAGAZINE - November - December 2011

No idea why we decided on this title for this month's column, except that we've never used the word "Thither" in a sentence before and found the desire to do so, overwhelming.

Looks like we're going to shelve the idea of reviving the Smoke Signals survey, whether in the same form or different form. We received only a handful of comments or suggestions on the subject, and can't imagine the response to the actual survey would be much greater. Maybe in another lifetime.

Hard to believe that the heyday of the survey was nearly 15 years ago - for that matter, hard to believe it's been years since we've published the printed version of Smoke Signals Magazine.

We won't survey on this subject, but feel free to drop us a note or to comment on this article: we know there are lots of fetishists who focus on Newports or VS 120s, on Marlboros or Saratogas, or all-whites or corks. Is there anyone out there who focuses on Camel Crush Bold or Camel Turkish Royal, Parliament Green or Newport Red, or any other of the "odder" new brands out there?

And while we're thinking about it, are there any in Eastern Europe who focus on the "failed" US brands that are now popular there, like Kent and Pall Mall filters?

Mrs. Schroeder on "Boardwalk Empire" is now drinking regularly. How long before she starts smoking? C'mon, Nuck - give her a push for us.

And while on the subject of TV, why hasn't anyone told "Ugly Betty" that she'd be more attractive if she started smoking?

Having lived in "blue states" for most of lives, We found it hard to believe that there are some states (other than ones in the tobacco belt) that still allow smoking in bars and restaurants - it came to our attention that Indiana is one such state, with only some local restrictions in place; for a complete listing, check out the wikipedia page that can be invaluable for travellers.

We're still not big believers in the theory that smoking fetish video must be high definition in order to be worth watching; we still think that the quality of the smoking and the looks of the model are the two major components - and everything else is in distant third place. Having said that, now that most of the material we're adding to our sites is now in HD - we have to admit, the HD stuff sure does look good.

Big thanks to Vesperae for all of the work she did on this month's Dark Side column (she works hard on every column, of course, but the multimedia pieces are even tougher) - and to Freida Theant, for our Halloween-themed story this month.

Enjoy the November-December issue!

Revisiting an Old Favorite?


Revisiting an Old Favorite?
SMOKE SIGNALS MAGAZINE - September - October 2011

Many years ago, when the print version of Smoke Signals was the main method of communication between smoking fetishists (can you believe it!?), our annual reader survey was one of the highlights of the year. We took a lot of care in crafting the questions each year; and we took pride not just in the number of mailed responses we received each year (often close to 50% of all subscribers!) but also in the fact that people cared enough to send us interesting, detailed answers to the questions. It also was nice to hear so much positive feedback to the issue which reported the results each year.

As we lament regularly, times have changed. We don't think that most people these days would have the patience or the time to fill out a smoking fetish survey like they did 10-15 years ago. Even more importantly, we don't think they have the "need" to do something like that; quite frankly, we believe the reason we had as many as half our subscribers answer the survey was that it was just about the only way for most people to "interact in depth" with other members of the just-emerging smoking fetish community. These days, there are so many other places for people to interact, that the idea of a print survey seems almost as quaint as the idea that people used to save dog-eared photos of women smoking.

But that brings us to the point of this month's musings. We think that the community would benefit from a "mini-survey" of sorts. We're not talking about a survey asking when you developed a smoking fetish, or whether you have a partner who smokes, or anything else that we used to ask in the old surveys. We're talking about a survey that asks where you spend your smoking fetish time; if you spend it on websites, what you're doing on those sites; what's most important to you when it comes to the sites you visit; and how much (if any) money you spend on smoking fetish material.

It's obvious that information would help us greatly - and help other producers in the community - when it comes to delivering the types of sites and material you'd like to see. But we think it would also be of interest to lots of people out there. You already know, for the most part, when "people" developed a smoking fetish and whether it's likely that their parents smoked and how they handle telling a significant other and whether they like younger or older smokers --- all the stuff we used to ask. But do you know whether most people prefer to watch streaming video, or downloads they've saved to their computers, or DVDs they've had for years? Whether they're constantly searching for new material or rely on their old favorites? Prefer "smoking models" or amateurs who post video to the web on their own?

We think this would be an interesting "survey for the 2010s" - let us know what you think. Please just take a second to respond to this article - or to email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - and we'll see whether this is just a weird thought we had on our own, or an idea that other people can get behind as well.

A Little of This, A Little of That


A Little of This, A Little of That

We're sure we don't have to call attention to the work that Vesperae does for us (and you) in every issue of Smoke Signals. But if you don't usually scroll down to check out her column, we urge you to do so this month. Her column focuses on the machinations and gyrations that most of us went through, to gather smoking fetish video before the advent of "real" smoking video and the internet. If you're from that era as we are, you'll certainly feel some nostalgia as you recognize many of the stories that Vesperae tells. Perhaps even more importantly, if you're too young to remember taping hours and hours of TV in hopes of gathering a few seconds of nice smoking --- you may gain a small measure of appreciation for how difficult it used to be for many people to satisfy their smoking fetish..

After Vesperae submitted her column, we exchanged a few emails about it - and a realization (of sorts) started to dawn. Regular readers of this column know that we've been trying for years to understand why so many people, particularly younger members of our community, believe that any material they find online is in the "public domain" and fair game for anyone to take and use anyway they'd like. (That's absolutely not true, by the way - legally or morally.)

But what we realized was that most people who are in their teens, 20s and even their early 30s --- never had to scavange tiny bits of movies or TV shows, never had to cut out cigarette ads from magazines, never had to find a way to pay for and receive a smoking fetish videotape in the mail without anyone ever knowing. Whenever they felt the urge, they just got online, and everything they could ever want was there for a mouse click. No muss, no fuss --- and, we believe, much less of an appreciation for what people had to go through in the very recent past ---meaning less of an appreciation for the rights of the people who created this incredible material that was so unimaginable to most of us, just 15-20 years ago.

But as we've said several times before, we're not fighting that fight anymore (except to defend our own copyrighted material). It's more of an interesting mental exercise to figure out why people's values and beliefs are so different. And this seems like at least one possiblity. In any event, we think you'll enjoy Vesperae's piece, either as a blast from the past or as a "wow, you guys really had to do that?" moment.

A few other pieces of lint from our pockets:

- We've alluded to this before, but things are happening quickly. Our servers are now operating on a new platform; combined with higher quality video from Tony P. and our R/X videographers, there's been what we believe is a huge improvement in the video quality at Smoke Signals Online. We'll have a new "outside" of the site (what's known as a "tour") shortly, to show off the difference; but if you check our our weekly sample clips (available at our the Smoke Signals preview site, among other places) we think you'll get an idea of how things are improving. And, of course, we'd really encourage you to sign up for a month to see the difference between what we used to be - and what we are now.

- If you're like us, little things (like seeing a movie with people smoking in a restaurant, for example) trigger lots of "I can't believe that's gone forever" moments. We had another one this past week, while making plans for one of our regular trips from Southern California back to Las Vegas. For years, we always looked forward to arriving back in Vegas, where people were still treated like adults and allowed to smoke in public. But it's now been several years since Las Vegas and Nevada jumped on the anti-smoking bandwagon. And what we realized - was that when we're getting ready to head over there, we no longer even think "can't wait for all the great sightings!" - even in Sin City, an atmosphere where smoking was prevalent is now one of those things that's gone forever.

- And that brings us to our final thought, which in some ways takes everything we've written about this month and ties it all together. We had one final "revelation" about the generational differences in our community and how quickly things can change. 15-20 years ago, in the early days of the net - smoking fetishists went out into the world to watch women smoke, and then got online to share and discuss their sightings.  These days, there really aren't many sightings in "real life." So people get don't get online to discuss women's smoking anymore; they get online to watch it. We're not sure anyone could have predicted that, just a decade ago.

Enjoy the July-August issue; and please, check out the improvements at Smoke Signals Online. You won't be sorry.

Moving Forward


Moving Forward...

Our movement, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century continues.

You may have noticed shiny new Facebook and Twitter icons on most of our sites. As you could guess from that, we're now on Facebook and Twitter. (Our readership is not only smart, it ranks among the highest readership of any smoking fetish publication, when it comes to deductive reasoning.

We've been posting and tweeting for about a month now; and while we didn't expect to reach thousands of people through the "social media" avenues, we've been pleased that we're reaching more than a few. We weren't the first to try the new avenues of communication, of course; several others, including Smoking Sweeties, were there ahead of us. But we hope we're contributing as much as any, when it comes to regular updates on our sites and shoots. It's actually the most immediate way to let people know what's new; we know that not everyone can take advantage, for privacy reasons - but it's still a nice new way to spread the news.

If the response continues to be good, we'll continue to increase our visibility on FB and Twitter. We hope that you'll join us there, as the smoking fetish community grows in many new ways.

In a similar vein, later this week we'll be unveiling a new, comprehensive page where you'll be able to find the very latest photo and video previews from all of the Smoke Signals Network sites - from our membership sites, to Smoking Flicks and the Smoking Clip Store, to the IRL sites, to our new tube. Watch for the announcement and bookmark the site; the previews will automatically update whenever there's a change on any of the sites. We think it's pretty cool. :)

We hope that many of you have noticed that much of the new material on Smoke Signals Online is now large-screen and high-definition; we're working toward having all of the material in high def. Soon, we'll also have a new look for Smoke Signals Online - to go along with the upgraded content.

And the long-awaited new "platform" for Smoking Flicks should be up and running very soon; it will eliminate the functional glitches people have encountered over the years - and also allow those of you on Macs to watch streaming movies as well.

We're looking forward to an exciting summer and fall at Smoke Signals - and we hope you'll let us know what you think as we continue to move forward.

And thanks for coming by to check out the May-June issue of Smoke Signals.

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